Compression Knee Sleeve & Support Brace

Key Features

Protect Your Knee: Reinforced upper seam and anti-slip design helps the sleeve from slipping during workout, lifting, and various sports such as crossfit, golf, basketball, soccer, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball, skiing, etc.

Relieve Pain: Active compression technology promotes maximum blood flow and reduces the muscle inflammation and swelling. Offers pain relief from arthritis, tendonitis, knee injuries and discomfort.

Recover Faster: Full range of motion and support from all sides results in faster recovery after knee surgery or injury.

THE most comfortable sleeve: Breathable fabric and anti-itch material means no itching or chaffing. For best results and a snug fit, refer to our easy sizing guide from the image gallery.

100% Risk Free: Try it risk-free. We have a no questions asked return policy.


Active 365 has combined the advances in compression technology with premium quality materials. Our unique design provides the optimal 360-degree graduated compression and is designed with 3 goals:

✅ Pain Reduction – Compressed knee encourages blood flow through the vessels. The increased blood flow reduces swelling and pain.

✅ Protect Knee from Risk of Injury – A snug-fit sleeve limits patella (knee cap) movement and reduces muscle oscillation. This helps in faster recovery after a surgery (ACL, PCL, MCL) or an injury.

✅ Increase Proprioception – Injuries to knee can damage nerve receptors in ligaments & joints. Proprioception is the ability to feel the position of a joint in space as sensed by the nervous system. 

Who is it designed for?
This knee sleeve can be used by men & women seeking pain relief (joint pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, injury, etc.) or prevent knee injury during sports and performance activities (soccer, biking, running, golf, weightlifting, hiking, crossfit, dancing, squats etc.)

THE most comfortable sleeve

Designed for all day comfort and knitted with professional grade materials (nylon & lycra), this sleeve is lightweight and features an anti-slip double silicone grip. 

Sizing Guide

Measure 4 inches above knee cap and choose between high compression or moderate compression.

➤ Small:     14.4 – 17″ 
➤ Medium: 17.1 – 19.5″
➤ Large:     19.6 – 22.1″

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